This Diet Will Help You Quit Sugar And Weight Loss

Even though the majority of us are conscious that sugar negatively affects our health, staying away from it is practically impossible. Sugar is quite a frequent ingredient included in almost every product we eat these days and it is also extremely addictive. Excessive sugar consumption is going to elevate the dopamine levels within the brain and it affects us in the same way as cocaine. Based on research, a long-term consumption of sugar can cause various manifestations such as anxiety and depression. If you can’t seem to ignore or restrain yourself from a chocolate-cip cake, consider yourself a true sugar addict.

Apart from being very addictive, sugar has no nutritional value whatsoever. It inflicts harm upon your immune system and is responsible for arthritis, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, ulcers, gallstones and aging prematurely. The vital nutrient levels in the human body get depleted by sugar which can cause additional health problems. It can severely damage our health which is exactly why we should to avoid and reduce the consumption of it. Nevertheless, staying away from sugar is not an easy thing to do.

The symptoms of sugar withdrawal are the same as the ones from drug withdrawal, meaning that it is more than complicated to quit consuming it. Nonetheless, there are options of cleansing your body from sugar with an easy diet you should stick to for 7 days.

This is the meal plan that will help you stay off sugar:

  • Breakfast: scramble eggs with spinach
  • Snack: 1 handful of tamari almonds
  • Lunch: green salad plus cheese and sweet peppers
  • Snack: ¼ cup of low-fat ricotta cheese with a couple of vanilla extract drops and stevia
  • Dinner: cucumber, tomato and feta salad and some chicken tenders


  • Breakfast: feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Snack: tamari almonds
  • Lunch: chicken with sweet peppers and spinach
  • Snack: spinach combined with other fresh veggies
  • Dinner: turkey salad with lettuce, mushrooms, peppers and spinach


  • Breakfast: a smoothie with peanut butter
  • Snack: 3 cooked egg whites
  • Lunch: green salad with sweet peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers and some turkey
  • Snack: a frittata with feta cheese
  • Dinner: grilled chicken meat and 1 bowl of vegetable soup


  • Breakfast: Santa Fe frittata
  • Snack: a couple of cheese sticks
  • Lunch: a cilantro salad and grilled chicken tenders
  • Snack: some peanut butter and fresh celery
  • Dinner: crock-pot chicken and zucchini cheese bites


  • Breakfast: Santa Fe frittata
  • Snack: fresh veggies with Mediterranean feta sauce
  • Lunch: a green salad and a bowl of vegetable soup
  • Snack: a salad with feta cheese, tomatoes and cucumber
  • Dinner: cheesy bread sticks


  • Breakfast: crustless egg muffins
  • Snack: fresh veggies with Mediterranean feta sauce
  • Lunch: cheesy bread sticks
  • Snack: fresh veggies with Mediterranean feta sauce
  • Dinner: lemon juice and garlic sprinkled chicken drumsticks and cheesy zucchini bites


  • Breakfast: spinach and mushrooms scrambled eggs
  • Snack: 1/2 a cup cottage cheese
  • Lunch: a bowl of veggie soup
  • Snack: tamari almonds
  • Dinner: a green bean salad with some chicken drumsticks