7 Ways to Get Fit While Watching TV

7 Ways to Get Fit While Watching TV

Most often, the stopper in home lessons occurs at a time when you realize that now you need to turn off your favorite program (or film), include a hated workout and start practicing. To facilitate the training process, and to arrange the workout so that you can not break away from the TV during the session, we came up with a TV fitness!

Friday, evening, and you at home? Get engaged in fitness! Check out 7 ways to get toned while watch TV!

Now even in front of the TV you can pump up the press. This incredible program was designed by American housewives. It will help you burn about 700 calories in 30 minutes.

Auxiliary means: skipping rope, sofa, fitball, dumbbells.

1. To start you need to warm up: rotate your head, hands, make a couple of slopes in the sides, stretch your legs. Jump on the rope for two minutes, rest and repeat 3 more times.

2. Now go out to the stairwell and run two staircases up and down.

3. Sit on the couch, just touching it (but do not sit down completely) and stay in that position for one minute. Repeat 4 times.

4. Lie on the floor and lift your feet for 5 minutes.

5. Rotate your hands for 1 minute. Repeat 2 more times.

6. Take the dumbbells. Put your hands behind your head, bend your elbows. Straighten your hands for one minute (so you train triceps). Do three approaches.

7. Lie on the fitball and perform twisting for the press for one minute. Repeat 4 times.